Laura Livingstone – Ntropic

This week we had a talk from Laura Livingstone,  producer at Ntropic. This talk was one of the more useful talks in terms of how to get a job in the Animation and VFX industry.


  • Be persistent, but not too persistent. If you are too persistent you will give off a ‘creepy’ vibe. Try to get friendly with the person that you are contacting before you start being more persistent.
  • If you want to work for a specific company, research them. Find someone you admire from that company and try to begin contact with them for feedback or job opportunities.
  • Keep an eye out for films beginning production and apply to work on them.
  • Entry level jobs are not advertised. Look for them.
  • Communication is vital within the industry; it is essential to communicate between department and with your superiors as well as in your own department.
  • If you planning to talk to someone at an event, always contact them via e-mail or social media before hand so that they are not surprised when you approach them. A business card is very useful in this kind of situation.
  • Never lie about you skill level; never apply for a job that you are not qualified for.
  • Some companies don’t advertise directly; it is good to inquire.
  • You need to be able to take feedback and the context of the feedback; you need to know why, what is the director’s main goal. Get the specifics.
  • Be versatile, learn different types of software; keep up with the industry trends, learn what each piece of software is good for and also it’s disadvantages.
  • Do only what the client asks for.

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