Gavin Moran – Epic Games

This week Gavin Moran; a senior animator at Epic Games and director of the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo ‘A Boy and his Kite’ (seen above) gave a talk to the class over Skype.

Above is the video of Unreal’s GDC panel in 2015 for Kite, which is  worth a watch. I was going to summarize the main points, but this article from FX Guide did it perfectly (Link below)

Other Notes:

  • When you reach the interview stage the employers already think that you are capable for the job; the interview is for the employer to see if you will be a good fit in their company. You need to be great and likable.
  • In terms of a showeel, Gavin recommends 2 mins of your best and most entertaining work.
  • In terms of a lip-sync, don’t recreate comedy clips; it is better to animate something that is not humorous and to make it humorous.
  • Aspire to advance your career to a place where you are comfortable and are working in a section of the industry you are passionate for.
  • Be adaptable, learn different software and different aspects of software you currently use (e.g. Dynamics in Maya)
  • Don’t get complacent, look for interesting things to learn, don’t just be comfortable with your skills, push yourself.
  • Get your foot in the door, get your work out there, just go for it! Don’t wait around for your dream company to accept you, work towards it. Start in a company with good job security and networking and develop your skills until you think you are ready.

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